Feb 21-23

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Feb 21-23

Mon:   In class: President's Day- No school
Tues:   In class:   Teacher Training Day- No school 
Wed:    In class:  Cinderella Man   DVD, notes, Quickwrite,
               HW:          Stock Market Reflection Q's- due Friday
Thrs:   I don't see you this day- 

Fri:      In class:   DVD Cinderella Man , turn in Stock Market
                                   Reflection Q's, C/E chart, Crash w/s ch 22 s 1
              HW:          none

Mon:   In class:   President's Day- No school
                HW:          none

Tues:   In class:    Teacher Training- No school
                HW:           none

Wed:    I don't see you this day  

Thrs:    In class:   Activism Packet pg. 12- Protest Music/Values
                                    Essay:  How History was Reflected in Art
                                    Complete ch 30 Test Corrections and turn in,
                                    Start Vietnam War Map
               HW:          Vietnam War Map and Map Quiz- due Friday

Fri:      In class:    Turn in Vietnam War Map and take Vietnam Map Quiz,
                                     Intro to Vietnam War, Pre-test               
              HW:            none

8th Advisory:  Goal Completion Packet due Friday 2/23 in Social Studies Class
7 & 8:  Field Trip Slip to Mountain View HS- due Friday 2/23 in Advisory Class