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posted Nov 14, 2012, 12:01 PM by Scott McNutt

8(Algebra 1)-Page 182 #5-50 multiples of 5
8(Advance Pre-Algebra)- Page 275 #1-17 all
7(Advance Pre-Algebra)-  Page 275 #1-17 all
7(Pre-Algebra)- Page 246 #1-4 and 7-10
Math Remediation-Bring Math Homework Daily
Probability and Statistics: Bring Folder


8(Algebra 1)-
Page 182 #5-50 multiples of 5
8(Advanced Algebra)-
7(Advanced Algebra)-
6(Adv. Math)-
Geometry Labs - none
Consumer Math - none

For Mastery Test or Quiz Corrections you must do the following on your own sheet of paper:
1. Correct the problems you got Incorrect
2. Find a similar problem in your homework to the incorrect problems and rework through the homework problem.
3. Write a sentence explaining your mistake on the test/quiz
4. Have parents sign test