Wednesday, September 26

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Reading Logs due tomorrow with 12 hours and parent signature.

8th LA
Finish the draft of your essay on "Wang Lung and O-lan's marriage is..."
In class you completed the notes on essay format and the notes on intro paragraphs (stat, short story, quote to thesis), your prewrite, and your draft of at least two paragraphs. Spend 45 minutes at home writing and finding page numbers to mark your evidence (Buck, #). If you are not completely done after 45 minutes, bring what you have with your parent's signature. Be ready for peer review. Vocab quiz.

7th LA
Finish the body paragraphs of your essay comparing you and Anne Frank.
As a class your brainstormed several ideas. Each could make one paragraph with the details you will use to explain and support.
Your ideas were:
Life in occupied Holland verse free America
school success / stress and state tests
talent development
fears or hops for the future
Vocab quiz

keep writing