Wednesday, October 2nd (purple)

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Today in class we:
completed grammar sentence
viewed preview PowerPoint for The Call of the Wild (COW)
read chapter one
answered questions

HW: complete questions
and read chapter two

The Call of the Wild

Section 1 of 7 “Into the Primitive”

Directions: Using RACE (restate the question in the answer, answer completely, in complete sentences, with evidence) or in the format dictated by the question answer the following question.

1.      Describe Buck’s life on the Judge Miller’s place. What were his rights and responsibilities?

2.      Copy onto your paper and fill in the following chart of Buck’s moves during the first section of the book.

From: To: Exchange: Treatment or Major Event

Judge Manuel stolen confused, taken to train station,

Miller The gardener’s helper transferred to stranger

Man with Perrault and money in company of other dogs, taken

Red sweater Francois $300 aboard a ship, fair and discipline

3. Along with new masters, Perrault and Francois, Buck meets new dogs on the boat. He will spend a fair amount of time with these people and animals, so it is important that you sort each one out in your mind. How are each of the people and animals described and what evidence is given to support this description?