Wednesday, February 20

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Today in class we:
completed grammar sentence 32
read the speech "Neither a borrow nor a lender be" (page 24)
translated the advice
Journal Prompt: List three pieces of advice from this speech and then explain why and how it can impact your life?
class discussion
HW: finish journal entry

Today in class we:
completed grammar sentence 32
took a short quiz on section one of the book
worked on the answers to the following questions:
HW: finish answers

The Call of the Wild

Section 1 of 7

Into the Primitive

Directions: Using Race or Green, Yellow and Red paragraphs, answer the following question.

1.      Describe Buck’s life on the Judge Miller’s place. What were his role, rights, and responsibilities?*

2.      In a list, trace Buck’s movement from one person to another. How was he treated? How much money was he exchanged for?

3.      Writer’s craft: In a short response, explain Buck’s reaction to snow. Write a narrative paragraph where a character experiences snow. Use similes or metaphors and sensory details to describe the snow. Underline your descriptions in your paragraph.