Wednesday, December 10th

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Today in class we:
completed grammar sentences 28, 29 ,30
completed journal prompt on what makes a good friend?
introduced the author and characters for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
started the assignment, Understanding Mr. Utterson

Understanding Mr. Utterson

Use the following steps to comprehend the text and write a paragraph answering the following question:

Would Mr. Utterson make a good friend to you? Why or why not?

Step 1: As a table group, find 10 words that you need to define to understand the description of Mr. Utterson better. Record the words and definitions.

Step 2: List the characteristics of Mr. Utterson and the direct quotes that are text evidence of these characteristics.

Step 3: Make your decision and make a keyword outline.

Step 4: Write the paragraph.

HW: finish keyword outline and paragraph.