Tuesday, November 27th

posted Nov 28, 2012, 2:04 PM by cpackham@newvisioncharterschool.org
READING LOGS due FRIDAY with 12 hours and parent signature.
CE Word parts quiz on FRIDAY.
We listened to section of the book AF (the first three pages of chapter 1 and 2). We made a chart of the main characters, their physical descriptions, and their personalities. Next, we made a Casting Director's list using the information from the book to find a picture of the animal and an actor that could best represent the voice. For each character we cut and pasted an animal picture, a actor, and then wrote a short constructed response using our RACE notes to explain why we chose that actor.
HW Read. Study word parts.
We finished the story "The Tell Tale Heart" and started a story arch by noting the climax event. We started the rising action with the first few cause and effect events.
HW Read. Study word parts. Finish story arch by filling in cause and effect events in the story arch.
We analyzed another speech for effective delivery and non verbals and took notes on what we saw.
We reviewed the River of Words contest (www.saintmarys-ca.edu/row)  and wrote on it or on the prompt:Paper.
HW: Finish writing on one of the other with a goal of three notebook pages.