Tuesday, March 4th

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Today in class we:
completed grammar sentence 62-63
chose sonnets
start Understanding Shakespeare

Steps to Understanding Shakespeare

1.   Type the poem.

2.   Insert numbers to correspond to your footnoted definition.

3.   Paraphrase the “story” of the poem. (P)

4.   Discover the meaning of the poem by find the tone (how does he feel about the topic) (C), audience (who is he talking to) (A), shift (where does the poem change and for what purpose)(S).

5.   Go to the internet and look for scholarly interpretations of the poem, at least two sources. Be sure to be ready to document your source.

6.   Write a short constructed response of the theme (what is the topic of the poem and what does the author want us to know)(T). Use lines (and line numbers) and scholarly interpretation quotes to support your point of view.

7.   Put it all together. Front: your heading, your poem, your definitions. Back: paraphrase, tone, audience, shift, short constructed response on the theme and works cited.

Today in class we:
completed grammar sentence 62-63
continued reading Daniel's Story
collected student goal