Tuesday, August 27th

posted Aug 27, 2013, 10:37 AM by cpackham@newvisioncharterschool.org
Today in class we:
section 1- completed grammar notes
                    completed grammar sentence 1
HW: sentence 2
make vocab flashcards

section 2- completed grammar sentence 2
                    reviewed story arc notes and Pearl story
HW: complete story arc started in class
            make vocab flashcard

Today in class we:
completed grammar sentence 2
reviewed how to make flashcards
received vocab sheet and marked vocab unit 1
wrote story arc notes

HW: make flashcards for unit 1 (five word parts)
        write the three Cs for Pearl's story  (main character, conflict, climax)

How to make vocabulary flashcards

For word parts:

Front: word part and a picture

Back: definition and sample words

For words:

Front: word and a picture

Back: definition, a part of speech, synonyms