Thursday, March 26th

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Today in class we:
Completed grammar sentences 61 and 62
Completed group reflection and discussion on

Shakespeare’s Wise Fool

Directions: Get ready for another round of the you, you’ll, we format as we look at some famous lines from involving the fool, Feste. Here are your guiding questions:

Who is he talking to or with?

Who or what is he talking about?

What tools does Shakespeare use to create his idea; pun, symbol, extended metaphor, etc.

What lesson does Shakespeare teach through Feste?

Do you agree? Why or why not?

Act 1 Sc 5

Lines 58-63

Act 1 Sc 5

Lines 118-126

Act 2 Sc4

Lines 77-82

Act 5 Sc 1

Lines 7-29

Watched more of the play.

HW: keep reading. Logs due Monday.