Thursday, December 13th

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Today in class we: did a vocab story in our journal, did grammar sentence #6, reviewed the characteristic of a good leader and read from chapter 5 of Animal Farm.
HW: vocab quiz units 1-12.
Today in class we: did grammar sentence #6, worked on our thinking notes and made a web about Mr. Hyde's actions.
HW: write a vocab story in your journal using the words from lesson 12. Study for vocab test. Finish your chart on Mr. Hyde and the deadly sins.
Chart directions:
1. List Hyde's actions (tramples a child, kills a man, likes luxuries, has no friends, evil airs, blackmailing Dr. J). You should have these from class.
2. Identify the deadly sin that corresponds to the crime (ie. kills a man - anger).
3. Identify the opposite or virtue. (ie. anger - patience).
4. Give advice as to how Mr. Hyde could develop this virtue.
listening notes.
study hall.