Thursday, April 24th

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Today in class we:
Completed grammar sentence 84/85
worked on the "I have a Dream" speech questions.

Today in class we:
Thank you to Mr. Bender for coming in as our guest speaker. Excellent!

Questions for understanding structure in "I have a Dream"

Directions: Read the following questions. Explore the speech to list the information required and answer with RACE the associated questions.

1.   This speech is famous for the refrain, or repeated phrase, that also became the title. How many times is the refrain used?  What other refrain is used?

2.   King uses metaphor and simile throughout the speech.  List ten items and their comparison.

For example, Emancipation Proclamation = beacon of hope to millions of negro slaves. Why do you think the author uses similes and metaphors?

3.   Imagery is the author’s use of descriptive language to access the senses and add depth and impact to their work. List three images that King uses. How to they add impact and momentum to his message?