Opportunities to Show Additional Learning - Winter Break Edition

posted Dec 21, 2012, 3:36 PM by cpackham@newvisioncharterschool.org
Dear students,

I struggle with the idea of extra credit. I am required to give grades, or credit, as feedback to you on the development of your skills. If you are not completing classwork to meet the standards, I prefer that you focus on skill development to earn credit instead of expecting to make up the missing points or missing and incomplete assignments in other work. That said, I realize that your skills can grow and change over the course of a class or a unit. I would like to offer "Opportunities to Show Additional Learning." (OSAL)

OSAL 1. Read and log your reading beyond the required 12 hours for the month of December.
Reading Logs are due January 8th with time, book title, and page numbers logged and a parent signature. Since reading a good book is great practice, I will give you up to 45 points out of 36 possible points, 3 points per hour for each hour read over the required 12 hours up to 15 hours. (Remember: on time with a parent signature are required to receive these extra points.)

OSAL 2. Vocab quiz test correction.
Come in during advisory, lunch, recess or study hall on the Tuesday or Wednesday we return from break to do test corrections on your vocab tests for lessons 12 and 13. Bring your answer sheet and your flashcards. You can earn back up to half the points you missed.

OSAL 3. Improve your short constructed responses.
Over the last unit both grade levels have worked on short constructed responses and have improved. To earn additional points for your growth, analyze your short constructed responses and correct two of them. How should you do this: 1. Decide what weakness your responses displayed. What part of RACE you not using? (restate the question in your answer, answer completely, in complete sentences, with details and evidence from the text to support your response) Explain in a few sentences what the problem was. 2. Choose two responses to improve and rewrite them. 3. Attach the original responses and turn in by Friday of our first week back. OSAL points vary based on reflection and rewrites. Let me know if you want to meet.

OSAL 4. Letter about Literature.
Check out the following contest site http://lettersaboutliterature.org/. Contest deadline is Jan 11th.
Submit a copy of your entry for OSAL points. Points vary.

Have a restful and healthy break. I look forward to seeing you in the new year.
Mrs. P