Monday, September 29th (purple)

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Today in class we:
Completed vocab quiz 5 
Received vocab 6
submitted hw on "How to Build a Fire"
Read intro to Call of the Wild by Gary Paulsen
Started COW vocab (see below)
HW: Finish COW vocab

The Call of the Wild


Directions:  All of the following words are found in the first chapter of the original text on the order presented.

First, find the word and copy the sentence from the text.

Next, find the correct part of speech and definition in the dictionary of your choice.

Finally, use the word in a sentence of your own creation that reflects the meaning of the word through context clues in the sentence.

  1. Array

  2. Demesne

  3. Imperiously

  4. Insular

  5. Treachery

  6. Menacingly 11. Soliloquized

  7. Conveyance 12. Genial

  8. Lacerated 13. Weazened

  9. Waxed 14. Culprit

Slaver 15. Morose