Monday, November 26th

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READING LOGS due FRIDAY with 12 hours and parent signature.
CE Word parts quiz on FRIDAY.
In class we wrote on the journal prompt:  Describe one decision that you have made or will make and the impact it has on your life. Write details of the effects of this cause.
We introduce our next book, Animal Farm.
HW Read. Study word parts.
In class we wrote on the journal prompt: Discuss one event in your life that has helped form who you are.
We reviewed E.A. Poe's life events from our BK builders and how they may have helped make him the master of horror.
We started "The Tell Tale Heart".
HW Read. Study word parts.
We analyzed a winning Original Oratory for main ideas, details, and body language in the presentation.
We wrote sensory detail stories on the prompt: Water.