Friday, November 2nd

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Today we are taking a vocab quiz, discussed our prompt from yesterday, and wrote the thesis statement for our final essay on The Good Earth.

The prompt for The Good Earth essay is: during what time frame in the book do you think that Wang Lung was the happiest. Defend your answer in a 5 paragraph essay. Remember, he may not have realized he was happy, but look for evidence from the text to support that his life had joy. (Hint: You will probably need to start by defining for yourself and your audience happiness in your intro paragraph.)

HOMEWORK:  The goal is to write two body paragraphs this weekend and we will have more writing time on Monday.
Final quiz Wed. Final test Thurs.

Today we took a vocab quiz, read, and talked about the slices of life that show up in the Diary of Anne Frank, for example, family, birthday parties, daily routines, war and politics, school, things she like or misses, etc. We will be writing a one page narrative piece on a slice of life topic. You will be graded on story arch and dialogue.

HOMEWORK: The goal is to start your creative non-fiction narrative slice of life piece. Get the first page of your draft down this weekend.
Final test Thurs. on Anne Frank