Friday, March 20th

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Today in class we:

completed grammar sentence 58
turned in our journals
reviewed questions on the play 
made a pair with character list from the play
worked on assignment for Shakespeare on Love

HW: Complete Shakespeare on Love (see below) most students finished or have one section left. copy of the play at
Finish research paper 

Shakespeare on Love

Directions: Read the outlined lines from the play.

Tell who is speaking and who they are talking to and who they are talking about.

What are they saying about being in love?

Do you agree or disagree? Why?

  1. Act 1 Sc 1

Lines 16-24

2. Act 1 Sc 5

Lines 216-255

3. Act 2 Sc 2

Lines 15-38

4. Act 2 Sc 4

Lines 31-44

Lines 99-105

Lines 118-126

5. Act 2 Sc 5

Lines 20-24