Academic Dishonesty Policy

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Academic dishonesty is against New Vision Charter School’s as well as
the school  community standards and will not be tolerated. Academic dishonesty is defined as:
cheating, plagiarism or otherwise obtaining grades under false pretenses. Plagiarism is defined as
submitting the language, ideas, thoughts or work of another as one's own; or assisting in the act
of plagiarism by allowing one's work to be used in this fashion. Cheating is defined as (l)
obtaining or providing unauthorized information during an examination through verbal, visual or
unauthorized use of books, notes, text, electronic devices and other materials; (2) obtaining or
providing information concerning all or part of an examination prior to that examination; (3)
taking an examination for another student, or arranging for another person to take an exam in
one's place; (4) altering or changing test answers after submittal for grading, grades after grades
have been awarded, or other academic records once these are official.
Disciplinary procedures for incidents of academic dishonesty may involve both academic action
and administrative action for behavior against the school regulations for student conduct. The
procedures involve the determination by the faculty member pursuing concerns over alleged
cheating or plagiarism as to whether administrative action is warranted, in addition to making a
determination as to any academic consequence. Action may include: (1) filing a final grade of
"F" or “Zero”; (2) a conference with student(s) and parents; (3) awarding a failing mark on the
test or paper in question; (4) requiring the student to retake the test or resubmit the paper.
2) Academic Dishonesty: Cases of academic dishonesty are viewed as a serious violation of the
student code of conduct. Examples of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to:
--Copying homework assignments.
--Cheating on quizzes or exams including sharing answers with students in other sections
of the course.
--Including information in written assignments without proper citations.
Any incidents of any type of academic dishonesty will result in a student receiving an F or Zero
for the assignment and/or course. Disciplinary Action may include suspension.