Language Arts Homework

  • Friday, 8/26/16
    7th Grade: 
    LT: I can interact with text
    HW: None
    If you were absent today, please log-in to classroom to take the spelling pre-assesment
    8th Grade: 
    LT: I can describe the characteristics of a memoir
    If you were absent today, please log-in to classroom to take the spelling pre-assesment
    HW: Your life so far time-line due Monday, 8/29
    Posted by Jackie Klein
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Social Studies Homework

  • Friday, August 26th

    Took a quiz on states and caps 1-13

    HW: States and Caps Map due Sept. 2nd


    Took a quiz over their A of C and Constitutional Convention Notes

    HW: Read "The Prince" and do task for Socratic Seminar on Monday
    Posted by Andrea Balster
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Science - Health Homework

  • Monday August 22nd - Friday August 26th
    7th Grade Science 
         Monday & Tuesday: Scientist Business Card is Due on Thursday (8-25)
         Thursday: No Homework 

    8th Grade 
        Monday (8-22): No Homework
        Tuesday (8-23): Variables Practice Worksheet Due Wednesday (8-24)
        Wednesday (8-24): Hypothesis Writing Worksheet Due Friday (8-25) 

    7th Grade Health
        Monday (8-22): Good Decision Making Scenarios Worksheet Due Tuesday (8-22) 
        Tuesday (8-23): No Homework 
        Wednesday (8-24): No Homework
        Thursday (8-25): No Homework 
    Posted Aug 25, 2016, 2:52 PM by Julia Thompson
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Math Homework

  • August 25, 2016

    8th Grade CC Algebra: Team Task : Problems 1-30 through 1-31
                                 Journal Entry: Problem 1-32
                                 Homework:  Checkpoint 1 Due Friday

    8th Grade CC 3:Team Task : Problem 1-26 through 1-28 using the Class Graph.pdf
                                 Journal Entry: Diamond Problems
                                 Homework: Problems 1-35 through 1-40

    7th Grade CC 2: Team Task : Proportional Relationships
                                 Journal Entry: Problem 1-34
                                 Homework: Catch up on Journal Entries and Checkpoint 1 Due Thursday

    Design and Modeling: none


    7th Algebra:  Team Task : proportions  worksheet, 1-35, 43 and 44
                                 Journal Entry: none
                                 Homework: 1-39 to 42 and 54
    6th Grade:  WB ch 2 ex 2
    Posted Aug 25, 2016, 2:03 PM by Scott McNutt
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Middle School Recent Announcements

  • iReady Testing Students will be taking the iReady tests on Wednesday and Thursday next week.  On those days, students will need to have headphones with them.  Please check with your student to ...
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  • Welcome Back Students As a middle school team we would like to welcome everybody back.  It is going to be a great year that will be filled with a lot of memories that ...
    Posted Aug 15, 2016, 3:52 PM by Scott McNutt
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